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Crazy Mermaid

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Welcome to crazy_mermaid! the first community for Aya!

Here you will find all you need about the talented, young singer Aya.

A few rules to make your stay more pleasent!
1. Respect! respect the artist, the members and their opinions!
2. No flame wars! flamers will be banned withought a warning! <--THIS is your warning right here!
3. No quiz results, you have your own journal for that.
4. pics or long posts should be put under a cut. You don't know how? go look in the FAQs
5. Enjoy! <-- stupid rule like that... :P

Useful links to get you started:
Blow me Out | Japanese fansite
Baghdad Sky | English fansite
Blue Butterfly | AYA fanlisting
Teruki Paradise | Information and Downloads [French]
Kiwi Musume | AYA lyrics [romaji & translations]

will be more when people will start giving links. Let's hope that'll be soon :)

Our Sister communities:
space_halo | Community dedicated to the Lufkin sister, Olivia and Caroline.

AIM: xxpoisonxxoakxx
ICQ: 97127077
MSN: shindemo_shake@hotmail.com

Feel free to contact me with any community related problem. Or just if you think I'm cool like that ;)