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Aya/CruelShe mini live report

Hey everyone! It's been forever and a year since I last wrote anything on LJ at all, but I thought I'd write about Aya's concert.
So, September 13th was Aya's comeback concert after NINE YEARS. Can you believe it's been that long?
The concert was at a very small venue and the place was probably about half empty. Other than Aya, 2 other bands performed. Aya was the middle act.
It was clear that most people came to see her though, and that was a great feeling. There were definitely more people when she was on stage than before or after her.
She played a 1 hour set which was way too short, but I'll take what I can. She didn't play any new music and she seemed extremely touched and nervous. The fans were amazing, everyone screamed "OKAERI" over and over and she promised there'll be more concerts in the future as well as new music.
I was in the first row and I can tell you she's absolutely gorgeous in real life. She was suuuuuper sweet and very much into her music. She interacted with the audience and teared up quite a bit. In fact, everyone did. It seemed like there wasn't a dry tear in the house and I was no exception, I was bawling.
I don't remember the setlist because I'm a terrible person. I can tell you that amongst the songs she played were: Nobody, We, Saga, Mayday, Kinjirareta Uta, Shelter, Angerica, King of Pain, and I think Sadism. There may have been a couple more but I don't remember... I'm sorry :(
There was a professional photographer at the concert so I'm hoping the pictures will show up somewhere soon.

So yeah, that's it! She's back, officially!! :D :D :D
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Hi guys, I just created this acount to comment here.
I just wanted to say that this website is really nice, it is hard to find much info about Aya nowadays. I wish she came back and released some material.
Also I found  some videos on a chinese website

And I created a 8 bit like version of the song shelter, my favourite one.

Keep it up.
Annie Tea

Baghdad Sky closing

Hey everyone.

I would like to announce that next week, Baghdad Sky will be closing.
I simply see no reason to spend money keeping the site alive.

I hope the site served you well into getting to know AYA even though it has not been updated for 4 years now.
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Is this for real?

As I posted before, I have a youtube account with Aya's entire discography but I was watching the English Sentaku no Asa music video yesterday with my other account and saw this statement in the comment section

Collapse )
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Aya Live in Tokyo

Hey guys, by chance I decided to go trawling for more news of Aya (sure beats studying for exams) when I came across this page. If you scroll down to the Tickets section you'll see there's an entry that says Good Vibes at clubasia. The thing that drew my attention was that this is happening on the 7th June...this year! THIS WEEK! I went to the ticketing website (at least, I think it was the ticketing website) and 亜矢 is listed as a performer which has got my hopes up that she's finally coming out of hiatus. Thoughts?

I don't want to get my hopes up too far, but if anyone happens to be in Shibuya on Tuesday night and would like to check for the rest of us I will give you infinite love and cookies and...and...fluffy things? Yes, infinite fluffy things.
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Not So New Live Video

Someone had brought to my attention that the live Sentaku no Asa video on youtube had been taken down a while back. Many asked me if I had it (since I pretty much uploaded the majority of Aya's discography onto youtube myself). I sadly didn't.

I make large searches for Aya sporadically in attempt to find news about her. Just last night, I did this and came across the live video! In case anyone missed it, here it is.

I hope to find more stuff soon ^^
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AYA discography request

Ello ^^

Well I had the whole discography of AYA on my iphone and computer.
But my mother was on my computer and deleted everything (don't ask me why)
My compooper sucks so I can't download it from megaupload (and I aint a premium)
So can someone please reseed it??? Thank u thank u thank u !!! :( I hope this group isn't dead because I love AYA :(. Thank you for creating this group btw !

edit :
Haha , I am pretty stupid I already found her discography :3.
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Nothing too interesting but...

I found some blog entry relating to Aya in Japanese. Of course I can't read any of it since I don't know the language. I couldn't get too much out of it since Google translator doesn't seem to do well, but it seems to be just a blog about the live performance I posted here a while back. There's also her signature on someone's phone it seems, which I thought seemed cool. But other than that, I have no idea what is being said. But yeah here it is.
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