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hinageshi_hana [userpic]
No new AYA yet
by hinageshi_hana (hinageshi_hana)
at April 11th, 2015 (12:55 pm)

So the hoped-for release date of Aya's new material has come and gone.

If anyone is curious as to what Aya is up to at the moment, her Youtube account can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpH-iz5mozaJDPbmV2TV-7A

You can view her promotional video and the making-of videos for Senjou no Hana. Her Google+ account also has a large amount of public posts showing a little bit more of her life.

In short, for those of you who can't read Japanese, she has been having some unspecified health issues that required surgery earlier this year. Her health in general is a bit poorly.

However she is hoping to get back into the live circuit this year along with the release of new material. As part of this musical rebirth of sorts, she appears to have a new managing label. Fan mail can be sent to the Tokyo address below:

〒155-0031 東京都世田谷区北沢2-10-15 
(株)RAWTIC 音楽制作事業部 亜矢宛

Check with your postal office about what parts of the address must be in English if sending internationally.

For those of you have been following the AYA BICTH PROJECT Youtube (yes, bitch is incorrect)/ AYA BITCH PROJECT facebook, this was run by a close friend of Aya's who died late last year. That explains the lack of updates on either platform, which is pretty sad because Mr Nakagawa was a treasure trove of live recordings and was really passionate about Aya's music.

As for Aya's personal life, she really likes elephants and has two shiba inu and a rodent of some sort as pets. Pictures of her recording set up indicate she is an avid Halo player, and her About section lists one of her greatest achievements as being ranked No. 1 in Japan (and in the world top 100) for an unspecified online game. I like to think it is Halo, because the thought of her possibly whooping my brother's ass is pretty awesome.

But yeah, that's all the basics of Aya's Google+ page. I encourage you to check it out further, she has some interesting things posted about her life and music, such as her blue butterfly symbolism and the original version of Candlestick by Australian band Bellicose.