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hinageshi_hana [userpic]
by hinageshi_hana (hinageshi_hana)
at March 7th, 2015 (02:49 pm)


I created this account just to spread the glorious word. AYA is hoping to release new material on the 20th March 2015; in the meantime we have a promo video containing an acoustic Crazy Mermaid, music video for Aruku Babies, and a lyric video for Overnight.

The account is definitely AYA. She has it linked to a G+ account with photos, poetry, possibly new lyrics and everything.


So fucking excited.


Posted by: a prodigy of lust and loss (flailinginlove)
Posted at: March 7th, 2015 10:54 am (UTC)

OOH! I really hope she is releasing something new. That would be AMAZING. Thanks for the news!

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